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Cynthia Boxrud MD Medical Spa - Oculofacial and Reconstructive Surgery

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Cynthia Boxrud MD Medical Spa - Oculofacial and Reconstructive Surgery

City/Country: Santa Monica - United States
State: California
Business: Other
Email: drboxrudd@gmail.com
Phone (work): 310-829-9060
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Dr. Cynthia A. Boxrud is a medical specialist and one of only 4% of female surgeons in the United States who holds two &ldquo;fellowships,&rdquo; medicine&rsquo;s most advanced formal training. <br /> From 2001 through the present year, Dr. Boxrud has been elected by her peers into America&rsquo;s Top Doctors, America&rsquo;s Top Ophthalmologists and America&rsquo;s Top Cosmetic Surgeons.

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