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Idaho Cleaning Company

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Idaho Cleaning Company

City/Country: Boise - United States
State: Idaho
Business: Other
Email: idahocleaning@yahoo.com
Phone (work): 208-867-6083
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User Comments and Ratings
Positive Feedback

I highly recommend Idaho Cleaning Company and look forward to having them come clean my carpets in the future. I am very satisfied with their results and they did marvelous job on my carpets. Thanks a lot.

Positive Feedback

Their pricing is clear and the service is amazing. They did an excellent job on our carpets. The office was professional and polite. I was pleasantly shocked when the carpets came out looking new. Highly recommended.

Positive Feedback

Very efficient, proficient and kept within the time limit for completing the work. The carpets had many old stains and some pet stains. They removed all the stains from my carpets. Thanks again.

Positive Feedback

Very professional work and did a fantastic job. Our experience with Idaho cleaning company was awesome and quoted me a fair price. My carpet, sofa and widows look better. Highly recommend.

Positive Feedback

I will be continuing to use them in the future. I needed my house clean after great party and I called Idaho cleaning. Their staff came on time and removed the dirty cold drink stains from wall, windows and carpet rugs. Thanks a lot.

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