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Posting Guidelines

Posting Guidelines

As a user of RateFame.com, you agree and accept the terms and conditions of the site. This site is a resource for people to provide and receive feedback on people and companies. Comments should only be posted by people who have good or bad experience with person or company. Please limit one comment per person.

The following guidelines are intended to protect all users. Please review before posting on RateFame.com

  • DOs:
    • Be honest.
    • Be objective in your assessment of the person or company.
    • Limit your comments to the person’s or company’s abilities. Do not to get personal.
    • Proof your comments before submitting. Poor spelling WILL NOT cause your rating to be removed; however, poor spelling may result in your rating being discredited by those who read it.
    • Leave off your Name, Initials, Pseudo Name, or any sort of identifying mark when posting.
    • Refer to the Rating Categories to help you better elaborate your comments.
    • Remember that negative comments that still offer constructive criticism are useful. Comments that bash a professor on a personal level are not.
  • DO NOTs:
    • State something as a fact if it is your opinion.
    • Post a rating if you are not have personally know or experienced something with person or company
    • Input false information that does not exist.
    • Rate a person or company more than once
    • Make references to other comments posted.
    • Do not rate yourselves.

Comments will be deemed inappropriate that are libelous, defamatory, indecent, vulgar or obscene, pornographic, sexually explicit or sexually suggestive, racially, culturally, or ethnically offensive, harmful, harassing, intimidating, threatening, hateful, objectionable, discriminatory, or abusive, or which may or may appear to impersonate anyone else.


  • Profanity, name-calling, vulgarity or sexually explicit in nature
  • Derogatory remarks about the person or company religion, ethnicity or race, physical appearance, mental and physical disabilities.
  • References to person’s sex life (Including sexual innuendo, sexual orientation or claims that the professor sleeps with students).
  • Claims that the person or company shows bias for or against a specific groups of people.
  • Claims that the person has been or will be fired, suspended from their job, on probation.
  • Claims that the person engages or has previously engaged in illegal activities (drug use, been incarcerated.)
  • Includes a link/URL to a webpage or website that does not directly pertain to the comment.
  • Any piece of information including contact info that enables someone to identify a others.
  • Any piece of information about the people that is not available on the other websites and allows someone to contact them outside of work. This also includes remarks about the person’s family and personal life.

The Do Nots of these Posting Guidelines will be enforced and violations will result in either the rating's comment being removed, or the entire rating being deleted. If you see a rating that you believe violates Posting Guidelines, please click the red flag and state the problem. It will be evaluated by RateFame moderators.

Please do not flag a rating just because you disagree with it.

Comments containing a threat of violence against a person or any other remark that would tend to be seen as intimidating or intends to harm someone will deleted. RateFame will notify the authorities of your IP address and the time you rated. This is enough information to identify you. IP addresses will also be turned over to the proper authorities when presented with a subpoenas or court orders from a government agency or court.

Multiple Ratings

Multiple ratings / comments from the same IP in a short amount of time are automatically deleted on our backend to fight rating abuse. There is no differentiation between positive and negative comments. Please give only one comment per person per course.